Doogee V30T - Full REVIEW


The DOOGEE V30T is now available for purchase at a price of $300/£260/€300. Previously, the original DOOGEE V30 was priced at $449.99 upon its launch directly from DOOGEE. However, the V30T is now being offered at a significantly reduced price of just $303 from AliExpress for customers in the US. This represents a 43% drop from the official MSRP of the original V30.

The discounted price on AliExpress may not last indefinitely, so interested buyers should take advantage of this offer while it's available. While the original V30 is also available from the same retailer, it is priced at $278.26, which is still much closer to its original MSRP of $843.22.

As for availability, the DOOGEE V30T can be purchased in most regions directly from AliExpress. Unfortunately, it is not currently listed on, but it can be found on the European Amazon outlets, though possibly closer to its official MSRP.


The DOOGEE V30T boasts a durable design, built to last. It retains the familiar shape and scale of its predecessor, the V30, with a boat-like profile that provides a secure grip, particularly important given the phone's weight.

The phone's construction consists of a milled metal frame, reinforced with impact-resistant plastic and dense TPU. However, unlike the V30, the V30T lacks the texturized faux leather underside, opting for a smooth finish instead.

The button layout of the V30T remains consistent with about 75% of rugged phones on the market, featuring a right-hand operated fingerprint reader and power button. However, this configuration may not be as convenient for left-handed users.

The V30T comes in EU, Russian, and Global versions, and DOOGEE also offers it in bundles with its D70 smartwatch. Notably, it supports two Nano SIMs and a MicroSD card, but it does not support eSIMs, which was a highlight feature of its predecessor.

The phone includes a USB-C charging and data port at the center of the bottom edge, protected by a rubber plug. While it lacks a 3.5mm audio jack, it does support 15W wireless charging using a Qi wireless charger.


Doogee V30T  - Full REVIEW

Doogee V30T  - Full REVIEW


 The DOOGEE V30T features powerful hardware, incorporating the MediaTek Dimensity 1080 SoC, which offers even better performance than its predecessor's Dimensity 900. It has eight cores, including two 2.6GHz performance cores and six 2GHz efficiency cores.

The phone comes with 12GB of RAM and has the ability to patch a portion of the storage into the phone as if it is RAM, resulting in a total capacity available to the system of up to 20GB.

Unfortunately, DOOGEE has removed the eSIM capability from the V30T, which was present in the original V30. This means it cannot support two numbers with a MicroSD card simultaneously, unlike its predecessor.

Another disappointment is that the V30T only supports Widevine L3 video decryption standard, limiting streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ to 480p resolution. This may be a drawback, especially considering the phone's 5G functionality, which should ideally support high-quality video streaming.

Doogee V30T  - Full REVIEW


 The DOOGEE V30T is equipped with a versatile camera setup, featuring four cameras:

108MP Samsung S5KHM2 (Primary sensor)

16 MP OmniVision OV16B10 (Ultra-Wide)

20MP Sony IMX350 (Night Vision)

32MP SONY IMX616 Sensor (Front camera)

The primary 108MP camera sensor is capable of capturing impressive resolution photographs, but it can only achieve this in a simple snapshot mode, limiting pro and specialty capture to 12MP. Despite this limitation, the 12MP results are outstanding, particularly given the sensor's size and light-capturing capabilities.

The camera setup supports 4K video recording, although without FPS control or slow-motion options. However, some users may find that the camera does not fully exploit the potential of the powerful Samsung S5KHM2 sensor.


Doogee V30T  - Full REVIEW


The DOOGEE V30T is powered by a substantial 10800 mAh battery, providing extended usage without the need for frequent recharging. According to DOOGEE, the V30T, like its predecessor, should last for more than three days of regular use before requiring a recharge.

The phone comes with a 66W charger, capable of recharging 50% of the battery in about 30 minutes. Additionally, it supports 15W Qi wireless charging, offering a convenient alternative to repeatedly dislodging the USB-C plug.

The DOOGEE V30T builds on the foundation of its predecessor, the V30, with notable improvements such as the more powerful MediaTek Dimensity 1080 SoC and a versatile camera setup. Its rugged design, 5G capabilities, and eSIM technology make it an ideal go-anywhere device.

However, potential buyers must weigh their priorities, as the V30T lacks eSIM support, which was a standout feature of the original V30. Additionally, the absence of Widevine L1 support may affect those who intend to watch streamed content at higher resolutions.

In conclusion, the DOOGEE V30T is a well-rounded performer with strong specifications, making it a suitable choice for users who prioritize photography, need a rugged design, and require powerful hardware for various tasks. However, those seeking eSIM support or higher-resolution streaming capabilities may want to consider alternatives.

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