YouTube Startup Story

If you spend a significant portion of your days streaming videos sharing them and even perhaps creating and uploading them. Then you have to thank one company for making it all at reality. Well social medias, this generations, industrial revolution it's an era of new influence and the ability of everyday people to share their creativity, expertise, thoughts, ideas and passions in order to build the community of creators around the world. Well a company we are talking about today is none other than the world's biggest video streaming website and also the second biggest search engine after ‘Google’, ‘YouTube’. Well the brains behind this mastermind innovation are Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim who are not just made their version possible but created a phenomenon, that is never going to end any time soon. This is the success story of YouTube and it's creators as to how they work on to become the world's biggest video streaming community.

YouTube Startup Story
Chad Hurley was born on 24 January 1977 in Pennsylvania. After college Chad Hurley worked at PayPal division where he met Steve Shan and Jawed Karim would later come together to create YouTube in 2005. Steve Chen and Chad Hurley worked for PayPal until it was acquired by eBay in 2002. Later Chad Hurley left the company and moved to Silicon Valley to work as a consultant, while Steve Shan has continued working with PayPal for two more years to launch the online money sending and receiving site in China. In January 2005, Steve Shan hosted a party for his friends at his own and Chad Hurley was one of the guests. Both Steve Shan and Chad Hurley recorded the party on a camcorder and digital camera but were not able to send the recordings to their friends and guests because of the massive file size, it was then that the two came up with an idea of creating a site to help people share their videos. They wanted to do something along the line of Flickr which was one of the new websites back then that facilitated sharing of photographs this gave birth to YouTube. After a few days, the team brainstormed a good name and a memorable and consumer friendly logo but Chad Hurley actually designed. 

The website was launched on February 14 2005 and a sneak peek was offered to interested parties in May 2005. However potential YouTubers had to wait another six months after that to be able to freely enjoy the site. Like most start-ups YouTube employees work from their homes as well as the token garage that housed many start-ups over the year. They employed roughly eight to ten dedicated enthusiasts who were working without any pay. Well one YouTube hit the blogosphere and Slashdot they never looked back the first video published on YouTube was “me at the zoo” uploaded by co-founder Jawed Karim which was only 19 seconds long well in no time YouTube became a huge success owing to the word of called appreciation that addresses. Later in September 2005 YouTube got its first 1 million hit video. The video was a Nike ad that went totally viral Nike was also one of the first major company to improve YouTube the most potential, later hits secured 3.5 million dollar funding from Sequoia Capital had made an official launch in November 2005. It was later followed by an eight million dollar funding during April 2006. By July 2006, the company reveals that more than 65 thousand videos were being uploaded every day and the different videos were being viewed more than 100 million times a day. It slowly became the 10th most popular website in the world. This much growth in such a short time was unbelievable. Later in the same year, YouTube witnessed another success and what can be said as a legendary milestone decision in the world of business. This tech video start-up was acquired by tech giant Google for an open prize of $1.65 billion dollars. The idea of the two technology pioneers turned out to be such as a revolutionary force and community creating phenomena, that made Google buy YouTube, which was the second largest acquisition at the time. 

YouTube Startup Story
Later in May 2007 YouTube launched its partner program to let people get paid for their viral content. This was the first time YouTube made it possible for everyday people to turn their hobbies into a business. About a year later, the most successful users were earning six-figure incomes from YouTube. Later in the same year, a baby named Charlie took the world by storm with his 56-second video where he has been biting his brother's finger and then laughing. Later Google decided that it was time to start making money and rolled out the first ad for YouTube in August 2007. In April 2009 Scooter Braun introduce the world to Justin Bieber via a video on YouTube but later went on to become one of the world’s biggest star. Justin Bieber's music video baby as one of the most watched videos on YouTube till date. Later in the year, 2012 YouTube witnessed a tsunami of views with "Gangnam style" going massively viral across all platforms. It hit 1 billion views in December 2012 and currently has over 2.8 billion views. 

Well today, YouTube has created so many stars, launch carriers, extended brand reach and residence, cultivated communities, promoted causes and even help politicians to govern the votes. YouTube has also created an entirely new platform for creating, discovering, sharing and viewing content, that might have otherwise never made it into the public spotlight but there was 300 hours of content being uploaded every minute and over 5 billion videos be viewed every day. YouTube can easily be called as one of the greatest tech inventions of all time.

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